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Ujjayi Pranayama - Breathing for Vitality

About breathing for vitality

More popularly the term Ujjayi Pranayama is known as 'Ocean Breath' or 'Victorious Breath'. This is system of yoga that frees your body from toxins and helps you take sufficient amount of oxygen to build vitality in the body.

Ujjayi breath is also known as a diaphragmatic breath. In a normal breathing, diaphragm flexes but not the rib cage. While in this form of deep breathing you inhale more oxygen. Lower belly should expand while you are practicing Ujjai yoga and this also activates the first and second chakras. After that the breath should rise to the lower rib cage where it activates the third and fourth chakra. And in the final stage the air moves to the upper chest and throat and it comes out of the body from the nose.Ujjayi stretches the breath, warms it before entering into the lungs and this warmth unlocks the process.

Air can absorb certain things and it has also force and power to carry things such as dust particles and even heavier things. When external pressure is applied the inner penetration increases which gives inner massage to the internal organs.


First of all your mind and body should be relaxed and sit in a comfortable position. Then take a long making the breath longer and thinner. At last you should exhale very slowly. Repeat this process three times daily. This is quite a simple process and is more suitable for beginners. Beginners should exhale with both nostrils. After few days they should start Jalandhar Bandha and Kumbhaka. It should be performed under supervision of experienced yoga teacher. 

Hold the breath inside for maximum 10 seconds. Exhale out slowly with left nostril, by closing right nostril with your right hand thumb. Exhale must be done by left nostril only.