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St. Tudy Historical Society

We begin our year on Thursday the 31st January with the AGM and an amendment to our evening.  Due to ill health our proposed speaker, Martin Andrewes, in unable to talk to us about Richard Trevithick and Martin is now due to visit us on 28th February.  

On the 31st January we shall hold our AGM and then proceed with the showing of two films. 

Mike Smith has produced a very professional video of the Centenary Memorial Service and we are delighted to be able to show this on Thursday evening. 

Following this short evocative film we shall be showing the film of the Time Team Dig at Roughtor.  

The Time Team's investigations on Bodmin Moor focused on two sites in the shadow of Rough Tor. One was a 500-metre long stone cairn, running on an east-west alignment pointing towards the tor. The other was a concentration of circular structures, believed to be Bronze-Age roundhouses, and other features all comprising a likely Bronze-Age village. 

We often drive or walk across Bodmin Moor, quite often with little regard for history we are passing and this film may well help us enjoy more of the landscape and perhaps helps us understand a little more of how the Moor has developed over time, maybe even send us walking across to look at the Stones and other areas with a keener eye and deeper understanding.

The £10 annual subscription is due on the 31st and programmes for the 2019 events will be available.  

We gather in the Upper Room of the Clink from 7pm for a 7.30pm start. As always, guests are very welcome, of whom we would ask a £3 entrance for the evening's talk.

"Rememberance Sunday - Details and Running Schedule"

Probable running order for ceremony at the War Memorial at St Tudy:


10.40am           Introduction from David Seymour

Explanation about Lt Atkinson

Roll Call

Laying of the Wreaths


Last Post

2 minutes’ silence



Announcements about Village Hall Exhibition

Concluding Prayer

"Dig for History"

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"How to Dig a Test Pit"

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"Dig for History - Exciting New Project from the History Group"

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"School Archive - Joy Armstrong"

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"Attention Local Historians! Do you know the Morrish Family?"

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Phil Toms Explains - "My Gran was born in St. Tudy, and her mothers side of the family lived there for many generations back to the early 1800s at Red Vale, and then Penvose Mill around 1900. My Grans mother was called Violet Mary Morrish born in 1911. She married a Stephen Glover of Port Isaac and had my Gran and Great Aunt before dying young in 1935. I have a lot of information and photographs about the Glover side but nothing about the Morrish's except names and places. I was wandering if you could post a shout out to anybody from St. Tudy who may remember the Morrish siblings. There were brothers called Thomas, Arthur, John, William who died in WW1, Charles and Frederick, and sisters called Elizabeth Harper, Bertha Harper, Gwendoline Martin and Gladys Stone and a couple other siblings that died in infancy. They were the children of John Maynard Morrish and Mary Jane Neal. I'm basically hoping to find some photos of them, especially my Great Gran Violet, and her parents, and also of anyu stories or memories about them.

I have 3 copies of photos of Fred, Thomas and William who fought in the war, which i got from a St. Tudy website as someone who was doing a memorial thing contacted me on ancestry.com last year. Other than those 3 photos, i have none. My Gran was bought up with Gwendoline, and my aunt was bought up with Elizabeth until after the war as Stephen Glover was in the navy. All my research has been done on ancestry sites.

The first is Fred, the second is Thomas and the third is William who died in France in the war . . .

The Binding Stone - Out of Print But Now Available Free Online

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"The Ancient Granite Milestones around St Tudy" 

by Ian Thompson

A C Magor

The 100th Anniversary of the death of A C Magor, the first St Tudy soldier to die in 1914, was commemmorated with a small service at the memorial in the village, at 11am on Friday 17th October 2014.

 Click here for the Cornish Guardian story by Graham Smith

Jonathan asks you to check the individual images on the History Group website to see if you can identify anyone in the large montage - why not get in touch details above.



Coffee Morning and Exhibition

There will be a coffee morning and exhibition in the church on Saturday 31st of May, 10 - 11.30am. The exhibition will show the results of research into the background details of the service men named on our War Memorial.