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May/June 2014          No: 33





Cornish Produce:


Cornish Pilchard Fillets:


Have you tried these yet?  According to one customer, these are absolutely delicious and the best pilchards he has ever tasted. 


You will find the 100g tin on the Local Produce Gondola as you walk into the Shop.  They come in either olive oil or tomato sauce and at £1.65 they make a delicious snack or light lunch. 


(The tin has a reproduction of a painting by Walter Langley of Newlyn in 1901 on the front.  This makes it an attractive and different little gift!) 


Cornish Orchards Cider:


This is, again, delicious and the 500 ml flagon is priced at £4.75.


Cornish Orchards Alcoholic Ginger Beer:


Yet another produce from a popular Cornish company, this Ginger Beer sells at£1.99 for 500 ml.


St Kew Biscuits:


The blue & white striped biscuit barrels are back in stock, full of delicious St Kew Biscuits.  Well worth having either as a present or a treat for yourself – only£9.99.


Community Shops Fortnight:


Organised by the Plunkett Foundation, this event is running from the 14th – 28th June.  To celebrate our involvement with this nationwide network of Community Shops, we shall be giving every customer who spends £5.00 in the Shop on groceries during this Fortnight, a raffle ticket to take part in a draw to win a Grocery Hamper made up of items from the Shop.


St Tudy Community Festival – Scarecrow Competition:


As you are all probably aware by now, there is going to be a major Community Festival held between the 27th – 29th June.  As part of its commitment that the Shop should work for the benefit of the community, the Management Committee has agreed to donate £1,000 towards the costs of this Festival.  Profits from the Festival are being equally divided between the Church, the Chapel and the Village Hall.


One of the delights of the Festival is going to be a Scarecrow Competition.


Karen has some great ideas for a couple of Scarecrows to sit outside the Shop on the bench but she would like some help with clothes for them.  If anyone could lend any of the following, then she would be very grateful:


1.      Man’s old dark suit.


2.      Pair of lady’s white gloves.


3.      Pair of man’s gardening gloves.


4.      Brown trilby hat.


5.      Man’s working boots.


All items will be returned.  Have a go at guessing who the Scarecrows are!


Shop Annual General Meeting:


The date for this meeting is Monday, 30th June, at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall.  Information is being sent out to shareholders over the next few weeks. 


All are welcome to attend the AGM but only shareholders are eligible to vote on any matters raised.


Community Fundraising:


Several members of the Management Committee, Karen, and some of our  Volunteers joined other members of the village for a demonstration by Norman Trebilcock from FLEET (Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust), a Charity set up to provide Cornwall with a ‘HeartSafe’ Public Access Defibrillator in every community.  Quite a challenge for this worthwhile Charity but many villages and towns have already signed up to raise funds to purchase such a defibrillator for their area.


The ‘HeartSafe’ SMART Outdoor Cabinet costs £3,000 plus VAT.  This cabinet is directly linked to the ambulance service and AED Location Ltd via a secure network connection, which allows for 24/7 monitoring, access control and alerts. 


The best place for this cabinet to be placed would be outside the Community Shop as it requires a WiFi connection, and a central, easily-located site in the village.


   Fundraising in the village has already started and the Charity has provided the Shop with a bucket for donations.  One of our volunteers has made somelavender-filled Hearts, which are available from the Shop for a suggested donation of £3.00.  Another of our volunteers made some fridge magnets but these have already sold out.  Thank-you to both of them.



If you would like to donate on-line then go to and click on the St Tudy link under Community Fundraising Teams.  If you are a taxpayer then you can tick the Gift Aid Box to increase your donation without any cost to yourself.  One member of the village has already kick-started the on-line fundraising with a £20 donation. 


The website also has lots of information to tell you all about the aims of FLEET.



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