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Bingo on 19 January with the theme of unwanted Christmas presents. Please can we have your unwanted gifts? Pass them to Angela Hocking or Rebecca Jago or let any committee member have them. Thank you.

"St. Tudy Play Area Refurbishment - Bag Pack"



Volunteers packed shopping bags in Asda this week and raised a massive £345 towards the refurbishment.


Well Done All!

"St. Tudy Play Area - Latest Design"



We still have much more fundraising to do.

Booked for 2018 so far...
Big Breakfast with Car Wash
Easter Bingo
Bodmin Lions Ten Tors (Youth Club 12+)
Sponsor Village Cross Country run (any age)


If any one has any other fundraising ideas please let us know

"St. Tudy Playground - One Family Foundation"


A team from Brighton based One Family Foundation flew to St Tudy on 31st October to present Sue Handford with the One Family Foundation plaque. Sue nominated the project to secure funding for the playground in memory of Claire Townsend.

Winning this £25,000 is a great achievement and a good start to developing the playground.

"One Family Funding - Let's Get Voting!"



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Help us secure £25K to support this project


Voting closes: 6th September 2017

"One Family Funding - Let's Get Voting!"


Our wish is to redevelop the playground in memory of Claire, a mother of 4 children and pre-school manager. Claire was an inspiration to many and a good friend to many in the area. Claire suddenly and tragically passed away and is already much missed. This redevelopment would encourage children to have more outdoor play and to engage with each other rather than using computers, play stations and phones. Nationally children can be spending 6 hours a day in devices according to a recent report broadcast on Woman’s Hour.


Our Goals:

  • We want to replace an old out of date playground with a safe, exciting outdoor play area and equipment that provides fun and challenges for the children of our community.
  • There is no disabled equipment and there are children in the parish that are disabled and cannot access the equipment. They have to sit and watch in their wheelchairs. Those adults with mobility issues also cannot help their children play. We want to change this.
  • We want to provide space for pre-schoolers and primary school pupils to have veg patches so they can start to grow their own fruit and veg. A small area will be set aside to encourage wildlife especially bees and wild flowers.

How we will achieve our goals:


The Playing Field was established in 1932 with the small playground established in the 1970s. One or two pieces of equipment were replaced over the last 10 years but some of the equipment is really very tired. There is great desire to redevelop the playground by everyone in the parish. The One Family Foundation Community Award would make a huge difference and enable this project to be implemented with key pieces of equipment.


Where will the money go:


The playground will provide a safe space and high-quality play equipment that will facilitate quality family time. Children will be able to play outdoors, learn to share, to play together and to have fun. The playground is easily reached in the village and new disabled access will allow everyone to join in. This will be an all year round facility and will be especially valuable after school and in holiday time.



Please don't wait - click here to vote now!


Help us secure £25K to support this project


Voting closes: 6th September 2017

"Support Request - Press Release"


We plan to build a multi-purpose Community Hall with permanent accommodation for the school, pre-school, football club and community at large. It will include kitchen, canteen and sports facilities with a badminton court, changing rooms and showers. The field will be expanded so there will be plenty of outside play area, exciting new play equipment and an improved sports pitch.


We want to enable and encourage everyone, young and old, to enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle, but we need your help.


There will be a display illustrating the story so far at the Carnival. We’d like you to check it out and register your support in a brief note that will help us to build on the £110 000 we have already raised.

"St Tudy Playing Fields Committee Press Release"



The St Tudy playing fields are in constant use and are a credit to the  current members and historic foresight, of the community.

The new Trustees; Angela Hocking, Dave Holborow, Jeremy Northcott and Phil Tizzard together with a steering committee representing all the local interested groups and organisations from the school, the pre-school, football club, parents and friends are committed to working towards improving the quality of what’s on offer to everyone.

Draft plans for a new building to replace the school canteen, provide purpose built premises for the pre-school, changing facilities for the football club, a sports hall to include space for a badminton court and other community activities, are being put out to architects for tender during February.

Once plans are drawn up, it is intended to hold an open consultation meeting with all interested members of the village to ask for support, feedback and to establish a strong base for funding applications.

A substantial amount of capital has already been secured and there will be more about this and we’ll keep you posted here in the magazine, or

So, if you want to keep up to date with progress or get in touch, why not connect or watch this space . . .

STPF Committee

"Great Start to the Playing Field Project"

with Most Community Organisations well represented

"Playing Field"


There's an exciting new plan emerging for the Playing Field . . . want to find out more?"


Come to a meeting for anyone interested at 3.30 pm, on Monday 14th November, at the school canteen. 


All welcome.

"Entrance Widening - the Agreement"



I am delighted to report that legal formalities to acquire additional land at the Playing Field entrance have now been completed. The Playing Field Trust has identified lines of funding which would permit improvements to access to the playing field along with enhancing the visual appeal of what is part of the St Tudy Conservation Area. In order to access funding, the Trust, a Registered Charity, needs to present evidence of strong support from the local community. St Tudy Parish Council has already pledged the sum of £500 towards a successful funding bid, which is gratefully acknowledged by the Trust. 

My own tenure as Secretary to the Trustees ended on 31st December 2014, and along with retirement of other Trustees, the appointment of new guardians of the playing field is now critical.The Trust also needs individuals to volunteer to serve on a new Management Committee. The improvement programme will not progress until these positions are filled, so the Trust is seeking representatives from user groups and local residents to come forward to oversee the project to completion. In particular the Trust would greatly benefit from expertise offered in the areas of project management, fund-raising, child safety and compliance with Charity Commission regulations. As well as welcoming younger parents to join in the running of the playing field, this also represents an excellent opportunity for newcomers to St Tudy to become involved in a project which will benefit all who live in this splendid village, and future generations. 

For an initial discussion, please call me on 01208 851581 or e-mail me at

Ian Stagg