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"The Gaia Trust Story"

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Jenni Thomson - Cornish Guardian "My Perfect Weekend"



Jenni Thomson founded the Gaia Trust ( in 1988 on the principle that wildlife conservation is more likely to be successful if people can be engaged. She is married to Bill and they live in Trevenning, near Michaelstow. Their family includes three sons, Richard, Marcus and Guy, their partners Saadia, Sarah and Kate, and grandchildren Ella, Joe, Rosie, Joshua, Ellowyn and Jory.  

It’s Friday, so pushing the pile of fundraising applications that make up my working day these days, aside to make room for a sizeable gin and tonic, it’s now just a case of waiting for the whole family to arrive for the weekend. Two of the families live fairly locally, but one family have come all the way from Tasmania to enjoy an extended visit to Blighty. Once everybody is here dogs, family and friends all settle to make a plan for the weekend, talk and laugh long into the night before finally retiring to bed.


We’re up early on Saturday and off to Daymer with all the dogs for a thrash across the beach and even a little dog training as my dog Herbie is worst behaved. Back at home a big healthy lunch is devoured hungrily by all, before archery and golf practice in the garden. Roast beef and vegetables in the early evening is followed by a series of hilarious parlour games like charades and consequences.


Sunday is greeted with a slow start, but in time the whole family gathers and over a hearty breakfast starts to piece together a plan for the next “assembly” in Tasmania. A lengthy walk on Bodmin Moor at Maidenwell Lake near Temple which is a place we used to visit often to train our Newfoundland dogs for rescue. Home in time for a light tea before saying a fond farewell to our departing visitors – until the Tasmania trip that is of course!