Duchy Oven Clean

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DUCHY OVEN CLEAN, is a professional oven deep cleaning specialist based in St Austell. The team are professionally trained and fully equipped to put the sparkle back into your oven.
Oven cleaning is one of the most hated chores in the house and modern life styles and busy work schedules just do not allow time for essential cleaning tasks to be undertaken. Why not let one of our technicians take the hassle out of the cleaning task and professionally clean your oven
We only use 100% eco-friendly, non toxic, non caustic bio-degradable chemicals in our oven cleaning process. These chemicals will not leave any unpleasant or harmful smells or residues and once cleaned and reassembled, your oven is ready to use. We use these chemicals as we value our technicians health & well being as much as yours & your family's.

"Dutchy Oven Clean - Get your oven clean in time for Christmas Dinner"