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"Queen 17 - Crowned"

"Queen 17"

"Carnival 16"

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Photos by Sue Dibble

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"Carnival 16 - Coming Soon!"

"Royalty 16"

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"Old Carnival Photos"

"Choosing 2016 Royalty"

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"Santa 15"

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"Carnival 15"
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"Carnival 15 is coming . . . "

"Carnival 15"

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"Johnny Cowling@St Tudy" - tickets from Nat - 07966986369

The Carnival Committee is proud to present this murder mystery show by the Foul Players at the Village Hall. if you feel like sleuthing or just enjoying the laughs come along dressed in WWII theme for a great evening's entertainment including a light supper, bar and raffle. Tickets are available from Nat Moore, Helford Cottage and the Shop at just £10 each.

Carnival 14                                                                                 18/07/14

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